Above: Puneet at home in Berkeley

Hi there, and welcome to my little corner of the web. I recently finished taking a nice long vacation with my wife Daria after finishing my masters in EECS from UC Berkeley. I'm now employed as a "Member of Technical Staff" (whatever that means) at Riverbed Technology in SF.


School Stuff

Till the spring of 2003, when I got my masters and decided to see the world, I was a graduate student in the Video and Image Processing (VIP) Lab in the EECS Department at UC Berkeley. My advisor was professor Avideh Zakhor, and my thesis was entitled "A Receiver-Driven Bandwidth Sharing System for TCP and its Application to Video Streaming”. Before coming to Berkeley I worked at a couple of dot-coms (like others I had visions of getting rich off stock options!): Spinway Inc and Bluelight.com. Before entering the "Real World (TM)", I got my BS in Computer Science from UC Riverside down in Southern California (or SoCal as we used to say).



My resume/C.V. is available in the these formats:




You've probably heard about how everyone has their moment (about 15 seconds or so) in the limelight... well here's mine: During my stint as a SysAdmin in the CS Department at UCR, I ended up getting to know most of the students and faculty in the department. During one of my insane posturing moments, our webmaster ended up capturing my gesticulations for posterity... and the amusement of anyone who visited our website. Here's my 15 seconds (thanks Dana):





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